Sweden’s Indigenous Sami people fear the iron mines needed for ‘green energy’ threaten their traditional way of life. Mikael and Sara Elvira, a father and daughter from the Sami community in Scandinavia, are fighting against what they believe is Sweden’s exploitation of their land and resources.

The Swedish government is planning to increase mining in their area, to extract the metals needed to move to renewable power sources and a more sustainable economy. But the Sami say natural resources should only be used when necessary because without them, humans will cease to exist.

This film explores how Mikael, Sara Elvira and the Sami attempt to take on British mining company Beowulf Mining, whose proposed mine, they say, will break up important grazing ground for the community’s reindeer and destroy local land, jeopardising their way of life. We see how the community, along with climate activists, has protested against the mine for nearly a decade and how they vow to continue to fight to protect this remote corner of Sweden from the exploits of big corporations.


Director – Saila Huusko
Camera – Max Cutting / Daniel Demoustier / Mikko Leinonen
Editors – Noemi Varga / Saila Huusko
Dubbing – Mixer Paul Mallet
Online editor – Gary McMath
Translation – Håkan Carlsson / Emelie Eckerud / Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi

Series Staff / Black Leaf Films
Production Coordinators – Rozi Peters / Annys Hamilton
Production Assistant – Josh Miller Cundy
Researcher – Tiger Ritchie
Edit Assistant – Caius Williams
Executive Producer – Dan Davies

Kerim Nisancioglu is a climatology professor in Norway. He knows the best way to engage the next generation of climate scientists is not in a lecture theatre, but on a ship-turned-research vessel in the Caribbean Sea.

He joins an international team of academics, activists and students on the One Ocean Expedition. Their mission is to learn about the effects of climate change through the experiences of coastal communities on the front line. After months of preparation, they set sail to collect and share climate data with governments around the world.

Director: Rosie Collyer

I edited Peter Strickland’s short film made in collaboration with GUO. The film premiered in Venice and was released on MUBI in 2019. Production Company: Mindwax

I worked as an Assistant Editor on Stephen Isaac-Wilson’s short documentary on Ajamu for Random Acts. Presented by Pulse, produced by Julie Vergez

I assisted editor Mátyás Fekete on a new Peter Strickland short commissioned by LSFF. The film is currently doing the festival circuit and will be released later in the year. Production Company: Mindwax

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